Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inside Outside

This morning at church, one of the gentlemen who just got back from a short mission trim to Guatemala, shared a very interesting observation.  Here, in the U.S., most people who i've met, myself included, have a tendency to put on a picture of who they want everyone to believe they are, on the outside.  While on the inside, at home when no one's looking, there could be hell going on.  All the dark stuff is hidden.

The observation the man shared was that in the city they visited, the outdoors, the streets, were like a place of war.  Men who walked the streets openly carried automatic weapons and shotguns, to protect themselves, their homes, and their families.  But the homes, carefully guarded by iron gates and often, armed family members, were just the opposite of the streets.  They were places (at least the ones visited by this person) of peace.  They were clean and pleasant and full of helpfulness and encouragement.  The opposite of the streets.

This contrast spoke to me because of my recent determination to not be a person of facades.  My soul aches to present truth.  Even if that truth is ugly.  To be simple and transparent and pure.

I'm not sure exactly what i want to say about this.  But it spoke to me, and i wanted to share it.  There is a place and a reason for war and battling against the ugliness that wants to enslave.  (Getting deep here, i know.)  And i can fight for the right reasons if my inside, my secret place, is clean and transparent.

It's a beautiful picture.  I hope you get something out of it.

Now it's time for choir practice.  Possibly my favorite time of the week.

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