Friday, March 18, 2011

Content a little

It's a little scary to write it out loud like this.

I think i might be getting a little bit content.

I mean in a good way.

I've been pretty weirded out by this whole working-in-an-office-again thing.  Praying that God would help me and make it better.  In my heart.

I think i might be getting there a little bit.

My beautiful little flock is doing a good job taking care of themselves and going out and taunting the predators to come eat them.  And they're laying eggs, enough to keep us going, pretty regularly.

They're keeping the dream alive, anyway.

Spring is here, and the forest is beautiful, and since the time change, i actually get to see it in the evenings.

And i have a good job, that i didn't have to try hard to get, during a time when many very qualified people can't seem to get any job, no matter how hard they try.

I am truly blessed.

I have a husband who spoils me, taking care of the kitchen and house things and cooking me dinner all week.

I think i'm starting to be able to sit back and wait on God and see what He's doing here.  Not that i can see what He's doing yet.  But i'm relaxing enough to be able to watch the show.

That's my update for today.

And also, Thank  God It's FRIDAY!

So i can be home all day tomorrow and be content in my pajamas!

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  1. I am sad you had to leave the farm, but I rejoice that the Lord is working His glorious plan through you in the workplace. I look up to you and your strong testimony. I am so glad to have you as my friend, and better yet: FAMILY! I hope this day brings you great joy.


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