Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Diary,

I would like to get back to blogging every day, like i used to.

Sadly, "getting back to" blogging every day will mean that you will have to probably endure some completely pointless posts.  It's part of the process.  I apologize.

I sit here, at 5:30 a.m., trying to think of something clever to say . . . quickly, because i should really be getting ready for work, and i feel kind of the way i did when i first started journaling as a little girl.

My grandmother wrote in her journal every day.  Stacks upon stacks of spiral notebooks, detailing the days of her life, are proof of that.  She was my example for journaling.  And my original entries were pretty bland.  (This isn't really a quote; it's just something like i would have written.)

March 4, 1983 
Dear Diary,
Today i had cereal for breakfast.
At lunch time, Tommy gave me a mean look.
Grandma braided my hair today, and i looked beautiful!
Beth plus Tommy equals love forever.

Those were the beginnings of my becoming a "writer."  Don't despise small beginnings, people.  Someday, i'm going to have something published that's interesting and helpful.  You just watch.  And it will all have started with my telling my diary what i had for breakfast.

So, today.  It's now 5:36 a.m.

I had scrambled eggs and a tortilla for breakfast.  I'm still finishing my coffee.  I have no idea what i'll have for lunch.  This is the Monday after day light savings, and i'm not looking forward to driving to work in the dark, especially since it sounds a lot like it's storming outside right now.
Thankfully, when i come home, my darling husband, who isn't Tommy with the dirty looks, will be waiting for me.  I love him very much, and i am very thankful for him (my husband, not Tommy; i have no idea who Tommy is; i made him up).

It's 5:38.  Time to go finish my coffee and see about some possibly truly clump-free mascara.


  1. i'm glad you are going to try to write each day again ~ it will keep me updated on your world! Even if its completely pointless (which it never is!) I miss you!

    Have a great day and week!! See you Thursday!!
    love you!!

  2. I have missed you terribly.

    I used to write in my diary about pretend boys, just in case someone read my diary (I left it unlocked and open, so the chances are good) they would think I had a boyfriend. So, I started with fiction.

    I am really happy with the promise of daily blogs. If it gets hard, know that sometimes the promise is enough.

  3. Kris, you say the nicest things to me. Thank you. I don't know if this is a promise. But it is an intention, which i hope and plan to follow through with. Two days successful so far. So far, so good. ;) <3


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