Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hubby and i pretty much always have a tendency to dream way bigger than what we can accomplish practically . . . at least any time soon.  This year, we tried another approach.  Let's do more than we did last year.  Accomplishable.  Awesome.

Last year's little tiny garden was wonderful.  We ate a lot off wonderful fresh food from it.  But this year . . . this year we got to borrow someone's tiller.

Even awesomer.

Here are the first three rows that hubby has planted.  Pictures (at least when i take them) are so much less impressive than the real thing, but here it is.

Tomatoes and peppers and some herbs, so far.  

Already, our garden is double what it was last year, but we still have lots of room to grow.  I think hubby calculated that if we plant (we, meaning my hoe-slinging super gardener) all we tilled, it will be about 5 times what we did last year.   Go hubby!!!!

Sorry for the tease yesterday (ok, not that sorry; it was fun).  Maybe i'll try harder to get better pictures sometime in the future.  I love gardens.  They're so beautiful.  I'm so glad i live with a good gardener.


  1. Looks great and it's very exciting! I'm happy for you two.

  2. Good job Beth!!! I am doing it, too. I have not done so well in the past few attempts, but I am determined this time. I got so excited when my potato plants came through the ground.


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