Monday, March 14, 2011

Health Cookies

I don't know if this is a recipe exactly.  Or even if these qualify as "healthy."  But i'm trying something right now.  Something that i may improve on at a later date.

I looked up a cool recipe on, but i didn't have all the stuff, so i had to work with what i have.

I took a basic oatmeal cookie recipe that i like.  I substituted part of the flour with chocolate flavored protein shake powder and straight cocoa powder.  It was pretty dry, so i added an extra egg, which made it too soupy, so i added extra oatmeal.  Oh, and raisins.

My health cookies are in the oven right now.  I'm hoping the cocoa will drown out the taste of the fake chocolate in the protein powder.  But the protein powder should help boost the protein content.

Might be interesting.  Hopefully it will be yummy . . . and somewhat more healthy than regular oatmeal cookies.

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  1. Can we expect a review? Daughter needs extra protein because of gastric bypass. And she loves cookies, so I am eager to hear.


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