Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mostly Inconsequential Ponderings

How should i cut my hair?

What should i wear to work tomorrow?

Does clumpless mascara really exist?

These are the kinds of ponderings that i have been blessed to be free of for the past 2 1/2 years.  Things that have everything to do with appearance, nothing to do with who i am, and things i would rather not spend a lot of mental energy on.  Since they, in the scheme of eternity, have little lasting consequences, i tend to avoid them.

Lately, however, i have been more aware of all the inconsequential matters of appearances.  Not because anyone pointed them out to me, but because being around people tends to cause one to consider one's own appearance . . . at least this one.

With all that fluff clouding my mind, as i guess it should a little, i have had less room for lovely things like crocheting and farming.

Today, i got to visit with a lovely person in my family who inadvertently re-inspired me to crochet, even if it's just whenever i can.  And i feel more relaxed already, just thinking about it.

My goal:  soon, i will, post an item for sale in my Etsy store.

No really.

I will.



Meanwhile, you might be interested to know that gardening season has officially begun here on the wannabe-farm, and my gun slingin' super hero garden maker has been tilling his heart out.  Our garden is now about 5 times the size of last year's garden, and all of our living room and kitchen windows are filled with started plants, waiting to be planted in our garden.  It is a beautiful glimmer of brightness, both inside and out.

Speaking of gun slingin', the snakes are making their way out of their winter hiding places, here in East Texas.  This afternoon, while visiting with family, my nieces and nephews were accosted by a large water moccasin.  Said water moccasin was smartly killed and cut open to see what he was eating (it was a fish), shortly after his foolish transgression.

This is how we know that spring is here.

Sorry i don't have the pictures.  I know you would have loved to see them.

And yes, there are pictures.

Just sayin', walk loudly and carry a sharp hoe.

That's my advice for today.


  1. I had a great and witty comment about clumpy mascara, but I lost it along the way.


    ick to the snake
    boo to perfect mascara
    and have a GREAT week!

    (I'll try this again).

  2. exciting stuff!! im not sure about the mascara stuff ~ i have not worn make up in an exetremely long time ~ did i wear it at my baby shower?? i don't remember

    i love you!!!


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