Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Powerful Women

I don't think i have time to post all that i want to say here, but maybe i'll share a snippet.

Yesterday, my work-lunch hour with co-workers in our break-room, turned quickly into kind of a man-bashing session by a few women who, from all reports, did not have a lovely weekend with the men in their lives whose main flaw was having been "born male."

Now, i quickly assessed the situation and concluded that the odds of my survival in that room, should i pipe up with reports of a wonderful husband, were not great.  The girl who "thinks she has a perfect marriage" just doesn't fair well in that situation, and there is no appreciation for her happy life.  So i kept my mouth shut and ate my soup.

Beautifully, on the very same day, a co-worker (one who was not a part of the man-bashing ceremony in the break-room) came up to me and expressed to me (i'm not bragging, just reporting) with near-tears, how refreshing it had been for her to see my hubby and me interact at the garage sale this weekend.

That interaction was a great blessing to me.  A testimony to God's grace, really.  Our public interactions haven't always been so "refreshing."

My friend said that she could tell that we really love each other.

And here's my snippet on a subject that could take months to cover:

When women feel hurt, they like to go on about how powerful they are and how much unhappiness they can reciprocate to the uncaring man.

I'm not the perfect wife, and i don't have the perfect marriage (who does?), but i have learned this much.

Women are very powerful.  But a woman's true, and most beautiful, power emerges when she uses that God-given strength to humble herself and choose to love.  A woman has the power to be the thermostat in her home.  Not the thermometer.  The thermometer merely tells the temperature.  The thermostat affects the temperature, returning it to a pleasing level.  A woman has the power to gauge the situation, see through the displays of emotions, to the need, and to minister to her family . . . and her husband . . . and her home.  She has the power (should she submit to God's leading) to love through the possible turmoil, to tough it out, and see beauty on the other side. (Edited to add:  Since she's an intelligent thermostat, she also has the power to make it cold as ice or hot as hell in that house, and that's what we're trying to avoid).

Better to live on a corner of a roof than to share a home with a quarreling woman.

~ Proverbs 25:24 ~


  1. Beth, this needs to be finnished if you have more and then published for all the world to read and be blessed.

    Your wisdom sometimes amazes even your old man.

    Love you Tink

  2. Very well said... think I'm gonna link this one to mine.

  3. That is so true. I have heard the saying "If Momma aint happy aint nobody happy." And it's so true. I think a lot of times women have unmet expectations that cause us to bristle toward those around us. We need to learn to communicate and to react in love.

  4. Okay. So I did share it. Thanks so much for this today. God Bless You! ~Angela


  5. I'm not into man bashing either. Mine is pretty great as well. :)

  6. very well said! I remember you telling me that women are the heart of the home when we allow the men to be the head. It makes my heart hurt when men get bashed by hurting women ~ its not good for anyone!

  7. You should write a book. Knowing the truth can save a marriage. Knowing HOW to live that way doesn't come naturally. Examples of women who live out those truths would be so encouraging.


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