Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review of Healthy-ish Cookies

First, i'm sorry i don't have a picture.

They're pretty good.  I only added about 2 scoops of protein powder because that was all i had, but the extra pure cocoa does a good job of covering the little aftertaste that protein powder has.  We both really like them.  I want to try them again with more protein powder and possibly substituting canned pumpkin for some of the wet ingredients.

Can you sub pumpkin for shortening?  I would like it if you could.

Anyway, yummy cookies.  I haven't calculated it yet, but they probably have maybe 2 grams of protein each?  I can do better, but for now, they're a tiny boost of protein and slow burn carbs (oats).

Next time i think i would also like to try some unexpected dried fruits in there.


  1. I need a good recipe for healthyish cookies lady--this sounds wonderful :)

  2. Thanks for the review!

    My daughter uses applesauce to replace the fat, so I don't know why pumpkin wouldn't work. You could sure give it a try!


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