Friday, March 25, 2011

Spirit Fruit

I saw something just now on Facebook that made me think you might enjoy it if i share this.

The other day (meaning some other day than today, but probably sometime in the last few years), my wonderful mother wrote a series of posts  that i have read over and over again.  They have become a wonderful tool for me to study the fruit of the Spirit and how they should be affecting my life.  Those posts start HERE.  You should go read them and make notes.  But if you don't have time for that right now . . .

The other (different than the one mentioned above) day, i wrote down a succincter (would you believe me if i told you that's a real word?) list of the fruit of the Spirit explanations that i could post on my cubicle wall at work . . . as a reminder.  Since i posted them on my wall at work, and i'm not at work right now, i won't get this exactly right, but i'll get it close.

The fruit of the Spirit is:

Love - like Jesus

Joy - is peace, dancing,

Peace - the kind that passes all understanding,

Patience - waiting with expectation, peaceful, knowing that God is trustworthy,

Goodness - in will of heart and in action,

Gentleness - strength under control,

Kindness - selflessness without pretense,

Faithfulness - just my response to His,

Self-control - the Spirit is the master; the flesh is the servant

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