Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is nice

Today, my feet hurt all day long (from all the sitting, i guess), and when i got home they still hurt, so badly that i wanted to do nothing but go sit down (more sitting).  But when i drove in, i noticed the beautiful dogwoods that i had noticed blooming this morning.  So i had to get my camera.

Funny thing happened.  As i headed out the door with my camera, suddenly my feet didn't hurt.  Funny.

Jelly saw me with the camera and immediately posed.  She's an awfully stoic dog, isn't she?

Then the dogwoods.

Aren't they lovely?  This is the best i've seen them bloom since we've lived here.  Four different trees.


Today i was feeling cute.  And since i haven't felt cute and narcissistic enough to take pictures of myself, like a teenager on myspace, in several years, i thought i would share a couple.

Please keep in mind that the camera adds 10 pounds . . . mostly to your eyes when it's 5:30 in the morning.  I say this for the sake of my mother who will take one look at those eyes and tell me to go to bed.

The red shirt pics are from after work.  The eyes have lost some weight, and the hair has lost some bling, but i was still feeling goofy enough to publish pictures of myself, and i had the camera handy, so . . .


  1. I love the last picture. It looks like you are doubting someone's story. hahaha

  2. What a beautiful woman. Seriously. I am so glad you posted those pictures. Not that I have anything against Chicken Head.

  3. very cute!!! they remind me of the ones that Ina used to take of herself when she lived with us!!

    I love the dogwoods!!! Spring is very nice indeed!!!

  4. Thank you Beth for the pictures. You still look much younger than you really are. I am sooo very proud to be your daddy.

    Love you soooooooo much.

  5. Absolutely Cute! Thank you Bethy.... you are like a blooming dogwood in my life. The smile I am now wearing feels good. 80)
    By the by.... your chickies are doing great!

  6. I don't think I've ever seen you with makeup! Cute! (You're always cute, but even more so :) )

  7. When the dogwoods bloom in the spring, the blossoms resemble crosses. Each petal bears a mark like a nail print on its outermost edge, and the circle in the center of each flower suggests the crown of thorns. The dogwood blossom, then, becomes a beautiful symbol for Christ's Passion.

    I read this in a James Avery catalog about their new Dogwood Flower line. I thought this would share very nicely with your post. God has his beauty planted in everything and dogwoods are one of His glorious creations.


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