Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another important day to remember

If you have been reading this blog for very long, you have probably read (or possibly, by way of poor judgment, chose not to read) about my Mormor.  That's Swedish for Meemaw, Nana, Granny, and Grandma, for all you Americans out there.

As an update, Mormor is almost 93 years old, and she has Dementia, a disease similar to Alzheimer's, and in Mormor's case, she remembers being a young woman in Sweden, but she doesn't remember much about what's happening right now.  She also, from time to time, tries to go back "home" to Sweden and all her little babies, by means of walking, so for her safety, she had to go live in a long term care, type home, where she could be kept safe.  Thankfully, it's about the best home ever, and she seems happy there.

The point of all this is that we got to go visit Mormor yesterday, and that is definitely one of the major highlights of my trip.  Here i am with Mormor and Morfar.

I wanted to bring Mormor a gift, and thought about it and decided that even though she will probably not remember who i am, or that i was there to see her, she will still like the same things and appreciate something nice.  So, i made her some slippers.

Before we left, it was arranged that all of us could sit around a big round dining room table, in a private room, and we had lunch together like a family.  There was even a big fat cat in the room, begging for food.  Definitely a big highlight.  We felt like family, 'cause we are.

And now for the extra sappy part:  i've always heard about older folks, who get dementia or alzheimer's or general senility, and they lose their inhibitions.  For some, this results in horrible outbursts of profanities and other things the grandchildren shouldn't be hearing, and the children never dreamed could come from their sweet little mama's mouth, etc., etc.

Mormor never did all that.  Is it the result of a pure heart?  I don't know, but i like to think so.  And i like to hope and pray and strive, that my heart would be so pure, and thoroughly worked over by God, that if i were to lose all my inhibitions and sense about what is and isn't o.k. to do in front of other people, and my mouth just told everything in my head at the time, that my words would still be pure and my manners, gentle and kind, like Mormor's

Thank God for Mormor.


  1. Very cool!!! Glad you got to see her and i love the slippers!!!!

  2. I don't know if this is tacky or not, but I wanted to share this link (you might have already read it, though):

    My step-grandpa had the same thing going on at the end of his life. He forgot everyone in the present and lived very much in the past. It got to where my grandma couldn't take care of him AND keep an eye on the stove, front door, and all that. He forgot how to do absolutely everything and relied on others to get him through his daily life.

    I said all that to say this, that man lived out his days with honor. He forgot everything (can't emphasize this enough), but never forgot to say grace before a meal and would often be found with his hands in the air praising the Lord. Of course, when he was done, he would always get back to work on the bridges or taking care of the cows that were only in his mind.

    He absolutely loved the Lord and had lived his entire life bringing honor to Him. I like to think God repaid the favor there at the end.

    And I'm sorry this COMMENT was so long. =)


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