Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Belated Pensive Saturday

Dear Readers,

On Saturday, i attempted to post to this blog from the washateria on my phone.  But alas, my post is lost in the interwebs.  It appeared nowhere, so apparently, i did something wrong.  Please accept my apologies.

I hope you won't be disappointed if we review our most recent holiday a little more.  I really wanted to share with you a post that my friend, Angela, wrote on Good Friday.  It really touched me, and it's just beautiful, and i think everyone should read it.

Good, Good, Friday       <----click over there

On Resurrection Day, i got to celebrate the Passover Seder with family (which, for anyone who wonders, has everything to do with Jesus), and it was a blessing.

I've never heard  what the name for the Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection morning is, so i called it Pensive Saturday (that's the day i was trying to post from the laundromat).  So happy belated Pensive Saturday, everybody!  And have a wonderful Tuesday too!


  1. thanks for the link!!! That was a great post that uplifted my spirits!!! Have a great Tuesday too!!! Love you!

  2. Great link! I think the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter is called Holy Saturday, but I could be wrong. I like the whole idea of Pensive Saturday..."What happens next??"

  3. Thanks for the link. =)

    I had never thought about what the Saturday might be called, but my girl and I were talking about that over the weekend... what a long, long (and sad) day that must have been for the followers of Jesus.

  4. I was thinking that too. I was also thinking that Sunday is really only two days after Friday, so they must have had a whole other day of waiting and wondering and grieving.


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