Saturday, April 9, 2011

If it looks like a duck . . .

In my idea book, which i've mentioned once or twice now, i have a lot of things written down.

Some of them are just funny, momentary thoughts.  I wrote them down because it seems to me that someone else should benefit from the funniness.  It really is a shame that you all can't listen inside my head and hear the funny thoughts.  I'm not an orator, but inside my head, it is very entertaining.

Thus begins (maybe) a sporadic series of random funny thoughts that shouldn't otherwise be blog posts on their own.  And may or may not make any sense outside of my brain.

Funny thought #1:

While i was getting trained at my new/old job, i found myself in want of enough work to do.  Bored and tired of looking for work at the end of the day (a situation that has since been mightily rectified - don't ask for more work at a government job unless you mean it), i said to myself, "tomorrow i'm bringing my nose picker so i can get some work done!"

I have no idea what a nose picker is.  It's just funny.

Funny thought #2:

The weather forecasters had been talking about rain all day.

Driving home from work, i say to myself:

"They said it's going to rain.  It seems like it should rain.  It looks like it's going to rain.  I want it to rain.

And still no duck."

Further along on the trip home, concerning road construction:

"I see the cones that look like they're doing construction.  I read the sign that says they're doing construction. I think i know what kind of construction they're going to do.  I approve of the construction.

And still no duck."

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