Friday, April 8, 2011

The Importance of Careful Driving

I write down things in my little idea book.  We talked about that.  And then i mull over them.  I think it's a good thing that i mull over them.

Lemme splain.

Last week or some other day, i found a great deal on licorice at Walgreens, and i bought a bunch of it, because i really really like licorice.

I'm not talking about twizzlers, by the way, yummy, black licorice.  That's the stuff!


While glorying in my cheap and yummy licorice, i wrote in my idea book, "my love of licorice."  Problem is, everything i had to say about my love of licorice has already been said in like three lines.  Three fairly boring lines.

So i mulled.  Well, honestly, i just didn't write about it and didn't cross it out of my idea book.

Then, i think it was yesterday, i bought a coke before driving home because i was sleepy.

I keep my licorice in my car so i can have a treat on the way home.

Something wonderful:

I was driving along, concentrating on staying awake and alert, when i happily followed a big bite of licorice with a swig of coca-cola, and the dance marathon that took place in my mouth was outstanding!  Have you ever done this?  This is amAZing!

So on today's trip home, i practiced, trying to get the mix just right.  It turns out that chewing up your licorice the right amount and then swigging coke while the licorice is still in your mouth, takes more concentration that you might think.  Don't worry; i didn't have a wreck or anything crazy, but i could tell the guy behind me was getting frustrated with my fluctuating driving speed when he made a dangerous pass-the-slow-driver move in the middle of a small town, narrowly missing several other cars.

Poor guy.

I never did get the combination right, but i had a lot of fun trying.

This post may or may not have been published on the actual day it was written; thus time references are not meant for historical significance, merely maximum entertainment.

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