Friday, April 1, 2011

A Metaphor about Rose Colored Glasses

I'm going to tell you a metaphor (sort of) about Rose-colored glasses.

But first i have to tell you a boring story so it all makes more sense.

When i started my new old job, i immediately found that i had a problem seeing in my office.  I can see fine at home, fine while driving, fine everywhere except in that office.  And i started getting headaches.  So i went to the eye doctor and said, "what's the deal?"  And the eye doctor said, "hmm, i don't know . . ."  so that was helpful.

That's not all she said.  She was very nice and helpful, and we discussed the possibility of fluorescent light sensitivity and the possibility that tinted lenses might be useful.

So i went home and did some googling and bought some cheap sun glasses and did some experimenting at work (you should see the looks you get when you wear shades at your desk), and i decided on pink tinted lenses.  My insurance will cover colors "pink 1" and "pink 2," but the people at the pick-out-your-glasses-place didn't have an example of "pink 2," so i picked that one.

And this is what i got.

Happily, these glasses are AWESOME!  I can SEE!  So the looks i'm getting and the nicknames i'm accumulating are fine with me.  I can SEE!

I've not worn glasses before, so this has taken some getting used to.  Not to mention the pink lenses, which i don't seem to notice while on, but i definitely notice when i take them off.  Also, when wearing glasses, i can't seem to be able to tell where my feet are, which can be dangerous.

So here's my little metaphorical prose i made up in my head while not falling down the stairs.

My rose colored glasses make everything bright.  They shield me from some of the realities in life.

Rose Colored Glasses 
They make the pretty things prettier and the ugly things less ugly.  They make me feel as though my feet aren't even on the ground.
When people look at me, they can see that i'm different, and i don't mind because the view from in here is so fine.
But when i go traveling, doing serious business, my feet i must feel on the ground.  So i take off my glasses, lest i fall on my head, get pink glass in my eye, and start seeing red.
O.k., i didn't work too hard on that, but it's early in the morning, so you get whatcha get.  Hope you can read between the lines.  There's the possibility of a life lesson in there.


  1. Seeing as how I love the color pink, I am absolutely loving those glasses!

    And for early in the morning, I think you got your lesson across just fine. ;)

  2. I'm so glad you can see! Glasses are a good thing to have when you need them. And I had heard of pink lenses before, just had not known anyone who had actually used them. And so cool that the insurance covers it!

  3. You did good! Check this one out that I've had bookmarked for awhile to see about getting me a pair:

  4. Beth, thanks for that link. I had read about the fl-41 in my research but hadn't found the information about how easy it would be to get the "real stuff" on my own glasses. I will probably send some glasses to them next time. In the mean time, my "pink 2" is pretty wonderful.

  5. regular pink lenses have been disproven as a lens which can help with photophobia and its associated conditions, but an FL-41 tinted lens has been proven to work. I suggest Axon Optics since they are made by the original researcher who has since fine tuned his own proprietary blend, and everyone else is trying to knockoff his tint

  6. Thanks for sharing though..your lenses look great on you! I love mine too, I have the Axon Optics ones and they have literally changed my life


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