Sunday, April 10, 2011

Self-Mashed Yummy Potatoes

The Gun-Slingin' Super Chef made something wonderful tonight.

I would show you a picture, but . . . we ate it.  Plus, it just looked like a lump of potatoes.

Here's what he told me he did.  This is a recipe through the grapevine.

He took several smallish butter gold potatoes, peeled them and set them to boil in a pot of water.

He put a little Italian seasoning in the water, and when the potatoes were tender to the stabbing of a fork, he poured the water off.

Then he put the pot back on the stove (lowish heat, i'm assuming) and added a stick of butter (that's real butter, people, the kind that comes from a cow).  As the butter melted, the potatoes absorbed the butter and began to break down.  (P.S., this isn't diet food.)

Eventually, he add a large slosh of milk, garlic, and onion to taste (and probably some salt he didn't mention), and gave them a stir.

The looked and had the texture of slightly lumpy mashed potatoes, and OH THE FLAVOR.  No gravy with this stuff please.  These potatoes ARE the condiment.

Super yum!

This post may or may not have been published on the actual day it was written; thus time references are not meant for historical significance, merely maximum entertainment.


  1. Okay, now stop that. I already had dinner, but apparently my appestat didn't get the message after reading this. YUMOLICIOUS!

  2. plus i added alot of parmesan cheese (1/4 cup)

    -chef james


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