Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shredded Tires

I don't know about you.

I don't see a lot of shredded tires close up.  Or at all.  It's just not one of those things . . .

But today was different.

Let me, um, give some back ground.

The other day, the super hero and i visited family in separate cars.  We're cool like that now.  Anyway, that was a completely irrelevant point.  The relevant point is that when hubby was driving home, he thought something horrible had happened to his truck.  Like maybe the tie rod had broken or some other desperately wrong thing that caused the truck to just lose its mind.

Then today, for some reason, he decided to drive his truck.  And while he was driving, a big piece of his tire peeled off and beat up the fender.  And then the truck stopped acting funny.

Look at this!

The tread just peeled right off, but the tire didn't go flat.  Too funny.  Yes, we're going to replace the tire.  We're not that redneck.

But we are very very grateful for this particular shredded tire because it means that our truck isn't yet headed to the auto graveyard.

THEN, someone stopped and asked if they could leave their horse trailer in front of our house while they went to get a tire to replace a flat.

While they were gone, i caught site of their "flat tire."

Are you kidding?

How long does a tire have to shred on the wheel before it braids itself?  This is awesome!

I'm pretty sure someone ran this one over a . . . well, i don't know . . . a bed of ice picks?  Is there such a thing as a bed of ice picks?

Maybe there was a really angry lawn mower incident . . .

Anyway, it turns out it was a really good day for interestingly shredded flat or damaged tires.

And i thought i'd share.

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  1. Very interesting..God always uses a very beautiful bride to write interesting thing that happen in real life or creative stories that are life to other


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