Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry about spring and whatnot

Back home in Texas.

Aaaaah, Texas.

Every time i come back to Texas, i can feel it in the air.  It's true.  If you're from here, you know.

Anyway, i had a great time with my family in Michigan -- sorry about the non-blogging, but there was important time to be spent with live humans.  Also, my apologies to all Michiganders, Michigonians, and Michiganites, if i messed up your weather.  When i arrived in my parents' small town, the lake by which they live thawed overnight.  The church people said i brought spring to them.  Sadly, the day i arrived back in Texas, it snowed again in that little town.  So sorry, y'all; i meant to leave some spring behind for you.

Here at home, the trees have leaves, the pollen is rampant, and the air conditioner is on.  It's definitely spring in Texas.  And i'm happy to be home with my darling, gun-slingin', hoe-slingin', beautiful husband, hero fella.  We had Mexican food yesterday, to celebrate being Texan, and then we cleaned the house.  I'm back to work today, and i'll have to say more meaningful things on this blog on another day.

To come:  gardening pictures, priceless memories about old people, and wrassling discussions about marriage and other serious issues.  Stay tuned.


  1. Isn't it awesome watching a garden grow?

  2. Glad you had a fun time visiting family. We're heading out to MI this summer for a family reunion. I'm learning to value time with family because it is not guaranteed. And I'm glad you get to preview spring for us. We've had a couple nice days here in PA, but we're ready for Spring to stay :)


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