Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Depression Relief

This morning on the radio, the d.j.'s on the local-ish Christian radio station, KSBJ, were discussing a newly dubbed condition (dubbed by whom, i don't know), called "Facebook Depression."  Reportedly, Facebook Depression is a result of person reading about other people's lives on Facebook (or, i assume, blogs and other places) and getting the impression that everyone's lives are beautiful and perfect except their own.  This is reportedly because too many people hide the ugly truth of their normal lives by posting status updates, etc., about only the good and wonderful.

This discussion made me think about you, the wonderful humans who check in at this address day by day and week by week to read the blathering business i write.  So i said to myself, "self, what if you're just too positive?" And then i decided i better provide some depression relief for you right away.

Here goes . . .

The dirty truth . . .

1.  I did laundry on Sunday night, but i didn't fold it.  I just crammed it all in a laundry bag and left it there until yesterday evening.  Then, i just crammed all the laundry items in their appropriate places, still without folding.  I was just way too tired.

2.  Sometimes, especially this past weekend, my husband and i argue about the absolutely stupidest things, and then we're mad, and then we don't talk to each other, and then we forget what we were mad about and we get over it.

3.  At the end of the day, my gorgeous hair cut doesn't necessarily look that great.  I think it's because i don't use as much hairspray as my hairdresser did.

4.  My kitchen got so dirty over the weekend that the flies in this house were reminiscent of the plague.  You know the one with Moses and Pharoah and whatnot?

4 1/2.  Even after cleaning the kitchen, there remains about 2 cups of last week's coffee in my coffee pot, slowly turning white.

5.  This morning, after i finally got my computer into some level of cooperative order, i woke up my husband from a dead sleep to get him to take a picture of my hair, you know, right after i fixed it, and he was nice enough to get up and try, but the camera malfunctioned and then died.  So here's all i can offer you at this time:

Got a little lazy eye goin' on there or somethin'.

Hope i relieved your depression a little.

Just remember, nobody's perfect 'cept Jesus, and He thought all us imperfect folks were important and valuable and beautiful enough that He died for us.  That should cheer you up the most!



  1. I like it all!!! No Facebook Depression here!! Love you!!!

  2. Haha! LOVE it. Thanks Beth, its an inspiration for me to write again (always thinking, who wants to read about my boring life...)

    the hair - awesomeness!

  3. Omgolly. That one made me laugh. You inspire so many ideas of my own to write about... thanks so much for sharing.

    And the hair is fantastic!


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