Monday, May 9, 2011

I like Edna.

Warning, this is a frufru post about non-farming topics.

"I've been studyin' on this for a long time." is what i told the hair dresser on Saturday.  And it's true.

While i was not working away from the home, but instead only with the chickens and the rabbits and the dying fruit trees, i just let my hair grow and grow and grow.  And by the time i returned to work, it was that length just past regular long hair that makes people say, "Wow.  Your hair is really getting LONG."

I learned a long time ago that God made my hair for the messy look.  There simply isn't any way around it.  But when my hair got long and heavy, i thought . . . i dreamed for a moment that i could  mousse it or serum (read, oil) it down and have lovely long smooth non-messy hair.

But it simply isn't to be.

And i've been studying.  Really.

I made note cards.

Well, i made note card.

I read about what kind of haircut looks good on a . . .

. . . round face
. . . giant forehead
. . . double chin
. . . gargantuan head
. . . .messy wavy hair
. . . .fat people

I evaluated, i considered, i dreamed, and i wrote it all down.

But then there was the finding a hair dresser.

My friend, who cut my hair last and whose work i loved quit the business shortly after she cut my hair.  And she SAID that i could come to her house, and she's so sweet, but i just don't plan ahead well enough for all that, and i don't want to impose on her weekend in her house, and blah blah blah . . .
So, this weekend, i finally kind of had it with my hair.  I was finally ready to give up those long crazy locks, and my hubby was ready to help find someplace, so we did what anyone would do in our situation.  We had lunch at Taco Bell and asked the ladies there to recommend a hair salon nearby.

Because everyone knows that if you want to find women with really nicely cut and styled hair, you'll find them Taco Bell.

Thankfully, even though what i just said is completely false, one lady mentioned a place very close by called, "Edna's."  And based on that information alone, i said to my husband, "i like Edna."  And we went.  (Like i said, sometimes i'm not so good with the planning.)

Have you seen the movie, Steel Magnolias?

Well, it wasn't quite Dolly Parton's salon there, but it had that air.  I was more relaxed than i think i have ever been while getting a hair cut, and it was a delightful experience.  And my hair, if i say so myself, looks pretty cute.  And all the studying paid off.  And my hair stylist lady, whose name is not Edna, listened to me and did what i said, and gave me helpful professional input, and was delightful and wonderful.

And while this post wasn't meant to be a plug for Edna's, it's in Livingston, next to the Sonic.  Wash and cut is $18.

And now i have to take my gorgeous new hair to work.


  1. Photo please... we would like to view the new do!

  2. Michelle SeagravesMay 10, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    Ha! Beth, you crack me up! I love reading your posts. It must be in the air out here in our subdivision. I got my hair cut this weekend too! I cut it all off into a short "bob". I was just feeling frumpy and needed a change! Enjoy your new do! Can't wait to see it.


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