Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspirational Thoughts Very Early in the Morning

When i was a little girl, i remember seeing on tv - or having general knowledge - about little children in different areas of the world, where there was not enough food and/or there was little food coupled with communist rule.  Or whatever horrible plight.  

I understood that my spirit was not defined by my body, and i often wondered why my spirit got to be born into this body and in this time, a body that lives in the United States, that gets plenty to eat, that has kind loving parents, that doesn't get beaten or abused by Nazis or Communists or Fascists, or whathaveyou.  I remember often thanking God for allowing me to have such a horror-free life.  I probably didn't say it exactly that way when i was six, but nonetheless. . .

This morning, while i was preparing my breakfast and taking those first luxurious sips of my freshly brewed coffee, i thanked God and then wondered again.  Why me?  Why do i get to have it so good?  When so very many have it such a very difficult life.

Immediately, the scripture came to mind, "to whom much is given, much is required."  That scripture is Luke 12:48, and the parable that goes with it has always confused me a little.  Maybe because i don't entirely understand the customs it refers to - or because i don't fully understand God's ways.

But i think it applies to us somehow.

Today i will listen and try to discover how i can use the advantages i have been given, through no credit to myself, to benefit others.  It's easy to see our own struggles - or to make comparisons to others who have it even better than ourselves (or so we think), and to forget how very much we really have, and to discount what we do have to give.  If you are a resident of the United States, even if you're the poorest resident of the United States, you are richer (monetarily) than at least 80% of the world's population.  You have advantages and privileges and resources that most humans never imagine.  And so do i.

May we be mindful that every one person everywhere has something to give - and may we give it cheerfully.  And may we not waste our privileged position.

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