Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not So Silly

The news stinks lately, doesn't it?

It seems like pretty much every other day, there is a report of some horrible disaster, seemingly ruining the lives of hundreds or thousands of people, and those reports seem to be closer to home lately.  It's really too much to comment on, or i would be posting every ten minutes about the newest news item.

It might be easy to think, for some, that God's not paying any attention.

Recently, i've wondered if God was ignoring me when i asked for things completely unrelated to floods or tornadoes.  Just personal stuff.

Then i had an unusual reminder that He's listening to every little thing.

This is going to seem like i'm side-tracking, but i'm not.

When i was a little girl, i recall having board-straight hair.  With the exception of a very unfortunate cow-lick in the off-centered middle of my forehead, not a wave in sight.  Neither a wave to be found in my family gene pool that i could see.  But still, as a teenager, i prayed for curls.

Silly, right?


I remember somewhere around my senior year in high school/freshman year in college, noticing one lone hint of a ringlet and thanking God for answering my prayer.

Fast forward 15-20 years.

On Sunday, a beautiful friend at church complimented my hair, noticing the curls/waves that are easily accentuated by my new hair cut.  During the course of our conversation, i mentioned what i'd nearly forgotten over all the years.  I told her how i'd prayed for curls.

God often uses my own words to remind me of Himself, and somehow, all these years later, all these hard-to-control, often frizzy, thankful waves on my head, are reminding me.  They're like a message straight from Heaven.

"I am too listening  What's that on your head?!"

Isn't that silly?  Maybe.  But my faith is re-encouraged.  The knowledge that even though our prayers are not generally answered exactly the way we think they will be, He's always listening.  Our time frames are generally not in sync either.  But He's listening and answering and caring.

He weeps with us when we have sorrow.  He rejoices with us when we are glad.  And He listens to the smallest request.  Even the vain request of  teenager, asked in faith, He can turn around to be a reminder of His faithfulness in all the areas that matter so much more.

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and in his good time he will honor you.  Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you.
1 Peter 5:6-7


  1. So encouraging to know that God is not only there, but that He is personal. Thanks for the great reminder.

  2. Wish we could all keep the faith of a child.


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