Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Poem For You

There was a young woman from Texas

Who got a haircut in the city

Her friends wanted pictures

And left her lots of messages

But her computer became sick, reportedly.

This poem doesn't rhyme a little

But i hope you get the message completely

I love you a lot

But my computer is shot

It is getting first aid sort of immediately.

When it is better,

We'll talk, and we'll chatter,

And i'll tell you how i made soap with lots of lather.

My time is now gone.

I must travel on

And do my work so that they will pay me

But hopefully not with bon bons.

(See what i did there?)

This poem is getting worse by the stanza

So i'll go now, understandya?


  1. hey! that is a terrible poem, but I think I get the picture. Or the lack thereof.

  2. It has a terrible beat, and you can't dance to it. I give it a 26.

    But the author gets a gold star!


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