Sunday, June 19, 2011

Any Other Friday

Last week, i spent a lot of time lamenting and worrying unnecessarily.

I worried about not having money for lunches (spending error), only to look back from the end of my week and see that God provided lunch - and good company for lunch - every day of the week.

On Friday, my usual day of rejoicing and irresponsible spending, a (ginormous) bank error meant that my (and some 2000 other county employees') paycheck wasn't in my bank account when it was supposed to be - and wouldn't be all weekend.  Looking back, several things just so happened to make so that not getting my paycheck wasn't a big deal.  My husband just so happened to get a bonus check this very same Friday....and a few other things.

Hind-sight is 20/20, they say.  I look back at a week of worrying and complaining to see that God provided for every detail, and i needn't have worried.  Then i got thankful.

This afternoon, a hose on my radiator split in this huge heat, and i never worried a bit.  Funny.  I just assume it will all be taken care of.

Then this evening, after reading some news about how the Texas wild fires are growing uncomfortably close to our literal neck of the woods, i packed a little "go bag," so that if we have to get out of the woods quickly, we'll have something to wear.  But i still didn't worry.

It's funny what a little thankfulness can do.

It's funny how we forget how big and simultaneously micro-involved in our lives God is.  He doesn't miss a thing.  And He knows just what we need to prepare us for the next thing.  The next challenge, the next obstacle, the next hill that will make us grow a little more - and a little more like Him - and little closer to Him.

On Friday, while i was not being thankful, i kept saying how if this had been "any other Friday," i wouldn't have had gas to get to work.  If it had been "any other Friday," our bills would not be paid.  If it had been "any other Friday" . . . but it wasn't any other Friday.  It was this Friday.  It was a Friday that God knew about and provided for.  And used to teach me.

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