Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bunny Update and Rain

You might recall that when i went back to work, we decided to give up our bunnies - and admit defeat.  Well, i sold them to a good friend who wanted to get started with bunnies, and she has found success!  Molly and Oliver, on their second try, have made this beautiful little herd of white bunnies.

O.k., well, i've been trying for two days to upload a really cute picture of lots of white bunnies, but i have been unsuccessful.  I'm sorry.  Just try to imagine lots of cuteness.

Also, here in the heart of drought-land, we got lots of rain yesterday, and we are very pleased.  Sadly, we don't know when we'll get rain again, but we're all thinking positive rainy thoughts, and i think that the deluge we had yesterday must have helped to contain the wildfires that have been multiplying in these parts.

So, this is my hurried mid-week update, while i swallow my eggs and gulp my coffee.  I hope you enjoy a little.

Happy Thursday!

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