Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cold Sloggy, just when you least expect it.

I've told you about our Friday mornings.

About the comfort of going to the same local gas station for gas and coffee and gas station breakfast, early on Friday mornings.

Well, this morning, after four consecutive days of fun family festivities, some lasting too long into the night for me and my early morning work schedule, i decided to visit Stubby's for my favorite coffee.  It's not really called Stubby's anymore.  It was Stubby's when i was a kid.  Stubby sold it to "in and out," which doesn't roll of the tongue as well, so it's still Stubby's to me.

Oh yeah, my favorite coffee.

My favorite coffee is one part Stubby's coffee, one part mocha cappuccino, from the handy-dandy gas station cappuccino machine.

Don't glaze over, people; this is important information.

Now, this combination can be made at many a gas station, but something about Stubby's - it tastes sooo good.  No one else does it as well.

That was the prelude to my story.

Here i am, early in the morning, with not nearly enough sleep, driving to Stubby's, musing about the comfort of a familiar place.  My gas station (yes i'm easy to please).  It's a little out of the way, but it's worth a couple of miles.  The gas is usually the lowest available price.  I'm fairly sure that the owners aren't sending money to the heirs of bin Laden.  The manager knows me by name.  I think he's the only person i know who calls me, "Mrs. Rogers."  They have the best coffee.  They have friendly staff and manager.  I even do my laundry there (they have a washateria).  It's nice.  I was having a big warm fuzzy all the three miles to the store (which probably isn't safe with as little sleep as i've had), and i had just inwardly given my gas station loyalty to Stubby's.

Then you won't believe what happened.

I walked in, all ready to have the best coffee ever - and buy the big cup so i could drink it all the way to work - when something looked different.  What is it?  I got my cup.  Poured my coffee . . .

Then i found it.

The new cappuccino machine.


The NEW Cappuccino Machine!

I don't know why they don't love me anymore.

The NEW cappuccino machine dispenses only one flavor of cappuccino.

And it isn't mocha.

And even if it were mocha.

The NEW machine is out of order.

"Oh DREAD!"  my heart shrieked, as my warm fuzzy turned to a big fat cold sloggy.

This isn't what i wanted at all!

Just the memory of the sight of that poor, pathetic, broken, without-potential, excuse for a cappuccino machine makes me feel a little sad and empty.  And i don't even want coffee right now.

I told Matt, the manager, who knows what my coffee is made of, that i was not happy about this development.  He comforted patronized me with news of forthcoming cappuccino powder packets.  Stinkin' Matt!

Isn't new supposed to be BETTER?

Isn't it funny how the smallest imperfection in our imagined view of perfection can ruin the whole picture?  Isn't it funny how it was only such a disappointment because i had built them up to so much more than a gas station ever meant to be?


This has been a completely unspiritual, unfarmy post, just for the sake of writing down the word, sloggy, which is incidentally completely unrelated to the weird word, sloggy, which unexpectedly does have a legitimate definitely.

If you can trust

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  1. I hear you! I can't believe how upset I get over things when they just don't go as I expected them to go. It's an eye opener. Hope you have a great day!


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