Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I discovered something marvelous today

One of the things i have missed, since getting away from the house for so many hours of the day, is keeping in touch with my on-line, blogging friends.  With precious little time at home, i don't want to spend too much of it staring at a computer screen, instead of enjoying my lovely husband and my home, but i have missed my online friendships.

Recently, i decided to invest my personal spending money in a better-than-what-i-used-to-have cell phone.   And after a great deal of reading and price comparisons, i bought one of these on E-bay, at a considerable discount to whatever price you might find elsewhere.

It's a Pantech Ease.  It's not an i-phone, but it does lots of cool stuff, including this:
which i really appreciate.  

I got it less than a week ago, and i have been playing with it during my lunches and whatnot, to find out what all sort of fun things it will do for me, without charging me extra money.  Well, today, i discovered that i can read my friends' blogs on my phone, by use of the google reader app for mobile/smart phones.  I am DElighted.  While i was sitting on a bench in front of the courthouse, munching on my tortilla sandwich, i also got to read a friend's blog and feel a little more connected.  There's a lot to be said for a tiny little piece of technology that can connect you to people all over the world.  I dig it.

Also, as a warning, i can write blog posts from my phone.  Since i don't know exactly how that will work yet, i'm letting you know . . . if you see something here on my blog that doesn't make much sense, that might be why.

Oh, and for those of you who have been mobile and internet ready for years and years, please keep in mind that this wannabefarm-girl hasn't used a cell phone in years, and when she did, well, the fanciest thing that phone did was send text messages.

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