Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Tiny Flock

I was looking over my recent posts this morning and realized how remiss i have been in the wanna-be farming department.  We do have things going on around here.  I told you about my chicks a while back.  Well, here they are about a week ago:

When i realized my mistake, i grabbed my camera and went out to the chicken coop at 5:26 a.m., in the pitch black darkness and took pictures.  Here are the chicks - or as many of them as i could get in the camera at one time.  The blond ones (the buff orpingtons) are for us to keep.  The others are for a friend.

This is Arne (Arne means eagle in one of the Scandinavian languages, and it's just funny to name a chicken, "Eagle.")  Pronounced Arnee.   This picture is a little blurry, but even with the blur, i think you can see that he is a truly gorgeous boy.

This is my broody hen.  She's broody every time she sees an egg.  In this picture, she's studiously brooding a golf ball, but it is very likely that when she notices that i stole her egg, she won't be broody anymore.  She's a little broody-moody like that.

This is my non-broody hen, looking suspiciously at the bright flashing light interrupting her beauty sleep.

I told you that i pared the flock down a bit in February, a bit too much.  But over the weekend, something pared it down for us a little more.  These are now our only three grown chickens.  I'm thinking i'm going to start taking their eggs and incubating them (even though they are very few) as i get them, just to propogate the flock.  I'm hoping i can produce them faster than the wilds can take them away.  These are some of the challenges of farming while working away from home, but we will conquer anyway.  You just watch, in a year, we'll have 95 buff orpingtons running around like chickens with their......wait, that's not a good simile for this context.  They'll be running around like happy chickens on the farm.  

Good day friends!

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