Monday, July 11, 2011

I love the way He holds me.

Today is Monday.  And it started out pretty good.

I got plenty of sleep, woke up on time, remembered to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and read my Bible, sadly, in that order.  I had great hair, even better make-up, and i got started early enough that i had time to pick up chocolate for the girls at the office (it's always a good idea to keep chocolate on hand with 60 women in one office).  Today was gonna be great!  I EVEN called in to my radio station on the way to work and said something funny that was aired on the morning show.  How great is that!?

I was all set to have a productive, successful day.

But then.

At some point, not long after 8:00 a.m., the entire downtown area experienced a power outage.  That's not such a big deal, right?  The courthouse generators roared up to a 1/4 power or so, and some of us were still able to use our computers, and the copy machines would pretend to make copies, but couldn't muster enough electricity to actually print a page.

But still, we marshalled on.

Sometime after 9:00 a.m., our power came back.  Fans revved, computers whirred, copiers actually copied. But in the electric flicker of generator power, both my computer - and the building's chiller pump (i.e. air conditioning) bit the dust.

Oh dread.

I don't know what you do for a living.  But i . . . i NEED MY COMPUTER.  And i really need an air conditioner in 98 degree heat.  That's just me.

And by lunch time, hot, sweaty, forlorn, and saddened at the site of my computer being stolen away to the techy hospital, i had lost all my Monday morning gusto.  It's a good thing i started out with as much as i did, i guess.

I sat in my car and ran the air conditioner for 30 minutes or so, while i connected with encouraging friends on my wonderful little phone.  Very thankful for Facebook today.  Just sayin'.

I spent the afternoon sitting at other people's desks, usurping computers that aren't set up right, while sitting on chairs set so low that getting up and down equals doing squats in the office.  I was trying to fend off all out grumpy for five hours, when it happened.

My head, hanging now by only a thread, was bitten off by a friend and co-worker who was having as difficult a day as me.  And she made me cry.

I think i might be pathetic.

And whiny.

And this is my blog; i'll whine if i want to.

Happily, however, just in time, the air conditioner was fixed, and around 4 pm, my computer was returned to me, with all the right settings, fully recovered from its electrical shock of the morning.  Thank you techy hospital!

Some days it seems like nothing goes right.

But when it was over, i was really thankful for my comfortably positioned desk chair, my car with a working air conditioner, cold water in a bottle, a husband who loves me even when i'm whiny, a beautiful dog who greets my at my car door every day, and God who is there holding me while i cry over temporary and minor inconveniences.

This has been a blog post with almost no moral, except that everyone has rough days, silly days, and pathetic days, and God knows about all of them ahead of time.

That is all.

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