Sunday, July 17, 2011

a kitten a candle and getting happy about laundry

Right now, i'm sitting on a hotel room bed, next to my loving man, enjoying some microwave popcorn, while watching reruns on tv waiting for our laundry to dry. I have been hesitating to write this post, both because it's kind of a pain to write a decent post from a cell phone, and because those of you who have read the archives of this blog -- or who know me outside of blogland may roll their eyes in disbelief and boredom at the repetetive plotline rearing its head in this story of my life:

We, my husband and i, have now experienced and survived our fifth fire. Our fourth house fire. To be fair, fire 4 was less of a house fire and more just flaming plastic raining from the bathroom ceiling, but it remains that fire, in whatever form, has played an unusually themy (as in predominate theme) in the story of our marriage thus far.

This time there was apparently a lit candle in a window sill, near a trash can full of toilet paper. Presumably there was also a kitten playing in the area. In any event, there was definitely a fire near 1:00 a.m. in our bathroom, which was quickly contained, did not cause any injuries, and did not burn the house down.

All is pretty good for us. This time we have the blessing of insurance, which is taking much of the headache of cleaning and repairs. Praise God!

Oh yeah, the happy laundry. I have never, in my memory, been so happy as i was this afternoon when i discovered i could wash our one load of non-smoky laundry in the guest laundry room in our hotel. It's amazing what we take for granted, and even despise, when times are easy, that we really really appreciate when things are even slightly inconvenienced.

When i started this post, it was Saturday evening, July 16. But as i got toward the end of my post, my husband wonderful smart phone completely gave up on me, and i had to pause. It is now Sunday morning, July 17. I am sitting at my own computer, however sooty, with a real keyboard, and waiting for the wonderful fellow who will pick up our clothes and linens and other fabric things and clean the smoke away for us. Very handy profession that i didn't know anything about until now.

For my church friends, i don't think i'll make it to church this morning, me in my stained, sweaty, and now newly smoky clothes, and waiting for the laundry cleaner. This afternoon, we'll check into a small motel closer to home, and wait for the cleaners to "ozonate" our house. Apparently "ozonating" will really do a number on anything that breathes air, but it will also clean the nasty smell out of our house and our furniture. Another handy service i was completely ignorant of.

I better sign off. If you don't hear from me, it's because i am somewhat technology incapable for a few days. But everything is a ok. And it's really nice (this is my first experience with it) to have insurance when you have a household disaster. Just sayin'. Done it both ways, and this rocks! <3


  1. Mmm smoky smells make me happy. Unless it's cigarette smoke, because that's just "bad" and "wrong" with the exception of clove cigarettes because I actually do like the smell and the pretentiousness that goes along with it. Dig THAT run-on sentence :)

    Glad things worked out for you, and I hope you are only left with pleasant smokiness (like bbq meat) in the future. :)

  2. Glad to hear that you're okay. I know how insurance can be crazy sometimes, but it is such a blessing compared to not having it. I am very glad it sounds like a small fire, and that everyone is okay. Have fun putting your house back to normal :)

  3. Oh, My. I 'm glad it wasn't more serious. Our children like to have candles in their bedrooms, despite our dire warnings, we have found evidence of lit candles. Hope you get back into your house soon.

  4. BETH OMG I have been so out of touch....... Thank YOU God that it was quickly contained......zeege

  5. oh my gosh, I missed this. ANother fire! CRAZY! So glad you guys had insurance and you're ok.


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