Monday, August 15, 2011

dusty rain and other wild anomalies

Yesterday, we had rain.

It was quite an event.

The t.v. was on when it first started raining, and my husband heard an unfamiliar noise and ordered the television volume off, so he could listen. A very tiny moment later, he was outside, examining the air. What is this stuff falling from the sky?

It didn't rain super extra hard or soaking, but it rained. The cat hid, the baby chicks ran for cover, and we rejoiced.

Funny though, my husband noticed. The rain was stirring up dust. The ground is so dry that when the rain drops hit the ground, instead of creating mud, it just stirred up the dirt a little.

How sad.

But, i've noticed, we sure are a lot more grateful for tiny showers and big storms these days. Sometimes lack is a blessing. It helps us remember how much we're blessed.

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