Thursday, August 11, 2011

in stride, or something

Dear blog readers,

I still love you. My recent absence is no reflection on you or my affection for you. Instead, i have been overwhelmed by insurance adjusters, big decisions, broken down cars, extremely persistent very very VERY hot weather, and shockingly inadequate computer function, which have joined together to keep me from blogging, and have very nearly succeeded, until now. Now, i will blog.

The last time we talked, my kitten had made a feeble attempt at burning the house down. This is the faultiness of kittens: they haven't been around long enough to realize who they're messing with. Poor kitty. He couldn't have known how much experience we have with fires. Who would?

Well, nearly four weeks later, we think we might be at the brink of getting some money for fixing our house. It seems that getting the money will involve at least one road trip among our unexpected complications, but we're figuring it out as we go and taking it in stride. Or something like that. I'm not sure i know exactly what "taking it in stride" really means, but folks have used this expression about me in my past, and now i think it sounds cool, so i keep it around as a go-to expression wherever i think it fits in.

Updates? Well, i spent a week with my wonderful friends after my car broke down, at the end of which, my hubby and i borrowed said wonderful friends' vehicle to go search for our own. We bought a dependable vehicle for way less than it was worth, and we're back on the road. Well, i'm back on the road, my husband is back on the bike until he fixes my other car - the one with air conditioning. In any event, i can live in my own house and also attend my place of employment, and we're pretty happy about that.

The car: my husband re-invented and built the non-existent tool meant for loosening the impossible bolt and found the non-existent replacement impossible bolt for use at a later date. However, all the re-invented tools and power tools and leverage instruments at my husband's and his friends' disposal could not loosen the impossible bolt from its place, where it undoubtedly intends to live forever, in my car up on blocks, on my front porch.

We might be a redneck.

There are plans to redeem my little car, despite the stubbornness of the unsuspecting impossible bolt, and i have hope and faith that i will once again drive my happy, tiny, gas efficient, air conditioned honda.

Partly because my wonderful husband will eventually grow weary of riding his bike home from work.

I assume.

The house: tonight we went from playfully flirting with, to becoming engaged to, the notion of making the most of the insurance money we will receive by doing the labor ourselves. Well, i'm playing a little fast and loose with the words, "we" and "us" and "ourselves." What i mean is that one of "us" will do the labor, while all of "us" enjoy the benefits. You get my meaning. Stay tuned for pictures of the great job "we" do in the somewhat near future.

Inadequate computer function: Another change during this season is that we have decided to pull the plugs on our land line phone and dsl and desk top computers, in favor of the exciting world of wireless communications, i.e., android smart phones. Sadly and happily, our phones can access our emails faster than our computers most of the time, and they take up way less space, so we're going to stop wasting money and space on all this computer business. Hoping that works out ok. I'm ready for a change.

In fact, i'm so ready for a change, that i am constantly looking for things to throw away lately. This is going to be an interesting year.

O.k., loves, i've probably rambled on enough for now. If it is within my power to do so, i promise not to wait so long to write next time.


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