Monday, August 29, 2011

So many things

I have had such a full section of days since i last wrote that i am sad for all the good blog posts i didn't have time to write.  Boy how life can speed up on you before you know what happened.

We were already ramping up for a big labor day weekend, wherein we planned to get our first big start at remodeling our bathroom.  Then (right now i can't seem to remember how many days ago all of this started) my resident super hero learned that his work would be shipping him off to the far side of Houston, for a month, beginning the day after labor day. 

This fancy tidbit of information commanded a change in urgency for our bathroom plans.  The bathroom plans, combined with our intensified need for two working vehicles, has resulted in a lot of lost sleep and an incredible speed by which we have spent ridiculous amounts of insurance money at near lightning speed.  (Repetitive but true). I'm dizzy, and tired, and getting poor.  But i am not even a little bit bored.

I'm not sure i can remember bored.  Not while living with a super hero.

Which brings me to something important. 

My car-fixing-bathroom-gutting-money-spending super hero nearly used up all his super powers this weekend in his effort to ensure that i would not be inconvenienced while he's out of town.  Sweet wonderful man.

I love him.

And i am periodically moved to tears by how much he loves me.

And i am really really blessed to be able to say such things.

So many things.

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