Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stronger, wiser, and funnier

Do you remember how I told you that trouble makes us stronger? It's true. Though I have to admit that i'm almost ready to lie back and take a break and admire my new muscles. Our most recent trouble inspired change ... lots of it, and I am very excited about that. Also, I think that this new adventure is teaching me and my gun stinging super hero more about being partners, and we're taking new steps forward. Pretty awesome. Right now, i'm sitting in a room full of boxes and bags of recently cleaned clothes and shoes and whatnot that i'm frankly not sure what to do with. Did we really have this much stuff in our little house? Where did we put it all, and what did we use it for? I see a big donation to something in our future. We're facing a remodel/restoration, repairs of cars, record heat and drought, and yet i'm at peace and looking forward to how i'll grow and change and learn through it all. This is new for me. It's amazing how God changes us, and I am forever grateful.ready

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