Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's on my mind.

Yesterday we crossed a big milestone in our insurance adventure.  We got paid.  Very big deal. In order to get paid, we had to cross through the wilderness of downtown Houston in our not air-conditioned car in 103 degree heat, etc., etc.  We had other plans and brands this weekend also, and basically this is the first rested few minutes I have had at my house this weekend.  I am pooped but happy to have accomplished important things on our goal list. 

I made another break-through.  After our clothes were delivered from the cleaning company, I was determined that there was no way I was going to keep so many items that I haven't missed for the last month, in my house, to just take up space.  So last evening, after we got back from our adventures, I went to work unpacking and sorting.  It went much faster than i anticipated, and I now have 2-3 boxes of clothes and shoes to donate and a giant  pile of items that should only have been kept as rags to begin with.  I'm not quite finished, but I made a ton of progress, and I feel much better.

When I get a few minutes, i think i'm going to create a review blog.  Mostly, my deal is that when I have experiences with products or services, I generally have something to say about them, and I want the interwebs to benefit from my experience, but I don't really think that you, my farm and life friends, are necessarily interested in my critical review of every product i use or service i try.  So a sisters sort of site seems in order.

So. since i clearly don't have enough to do right now, i'm wanting to go ahead and create this new blog, but i'm having trouble deciding what to name it.  Any ideas?

I considered "Humble Reviews," but, let's face it, reviews don't really lend themselves to humility.  I thought of "Beth's List", but i'm sure I can be more original than that. 

Unsolicited Opinions

The Hard Truth

Does Beth Like It?

Can YOU Handle the Truth?

I just can't decide.  Not a good start for a reviewer/critic, I guess, but it is what it is.

I would love love love any opinions or ideas from y'all about my potential review blog's potential name.

Fire away, please.

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