Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dreaming of napping

The weather is so beautiful today!

When i was in college, i would use a day like today for a nice long nap in the grass.  And no one looks at you funny for doing something so free-spirited as that when you're in college.  Everyone expects you to hear your own drummer and whatnot when you're in college.

But right now, i really want to lay myself down on that pretty patch of grass right there, pretend that fire ants don't really exist in Texas, and take a nice long nap in this perfect weather, until the heat of the afternoon sweats me to soggy, happy wakefulness.

But in the study world of professionalism and strangers walking by on the sidewalk, someone would probably call an ambulance, and then I'd have to pretend to be sick so that I wouldn't get fired for sleeping the afternoon away in the grass beside the  courthouse.

Sometimes being a grown-up is not nearly as much fun as i always thought it would be.

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  1. you could drive over here on your lunch hour and lay on the brown crunchy stuff all over the JoyHouse lawn.....


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