Friday, September 23, 2011


The weather man said that fall began at 4:04 this morning.  I thought about waking up at 4:00 so could be awake for the big moment, but instead, I slept until 5:00, but I was just as happy about fall when I woke up 56 minute after its big debut.

Thank  God for fall!!!  And mean that.  Thank God! 

Fall is always my favorite part of the year, but at the close of the hottest, driest, most miserable, sans air conditioning in my car, summer on record (or something ridiculous to that effect), when 90 degrees has become cool weather, and the commonest reaction to the sight of rain sounds more like what you would expect to hear if Houston were having a blizzard, just the thought of fall brings a welcome chill, if only from memory of cooler weather recalled from days gone by.

Thank God for fall.

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  1. After the summer we had, I was grateful for fall, too! :)


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