Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some of You

Some of you have dropped some hints lately, that maybe it has been a while since I posted.

You might be right.

I can't say that I've been particularly busy, just mostly discombobulated.

I got my hero husband back on October first, and its a good thing, because I wasn't coping super well without him.

Of course, though the chaos of my heart was soothed, the chaos of my home and the logistics of functioning on a bathing society was just beginning. It's the shower that was and is still missing from our home. Keeping friends, family, and co-workers from suffering the ill-effects of my showerlessness requires planning, a membership at the rec center, early mornings, and careful packing every day.

Also, we, thinking, as always that our task would take less time than reality is teaching us it that it will, thought we would use the kitchen as a mixing and tile cutting area. As it turns out, tile cutting is very muddy, and mortar mixing is very dusty. This didn't help the chaos at all (well, I guess that depends on your perspective), so last weekend we removed the construction part of our lives to the out of doors, and while my super hero took a much needed football, fishing, and friends break, I cleaned What an amazing relief. I mean, WHAT AN AMAZING RELIEF!!!!!!

We spent several days this week, with me sick, and my husband waiting on me and trying not to get sick himself. But today we're back at the tiling game. My husband is tiling, and i am blogging and sipping hot tea until he needs me to mix mortar or cut an emergency tile or some such. And also the weather is gloriously fall-like, which additionally eases my chaos.

Also, also, somewhere in the midst of this chaos, my phone, which is my current only avenue to the world wide web, became increasingly narcoleptic and eventually suicidal. We kept it on life support while I, through several frustrating phone calls, attempted to convince ATT that I really hadn't dunked my phone in the toilet for fun, and then my phone, overcome by the necessary chaos of being a Rogers, was unplugged and then replaced. A further relief to my chaos.

I'm hopefully adding a picture or two of our nearly-tiled (no, really, it's almost done) shower. Of course, once we finish tiling, we still have to grout, and seal the grout, and finish the plumbing, and forth.

Your prayers are always welcome. And thank you. Really. Thank you.


  1. Y'all picked great tile!! Lookin good! I love how you're looking at the blessings in the midst of chaos!!

  2. looking beautiful. Keep up the good work. It will be so rewarding.


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