Monday, January 16, 2012

Domesticity becomes me

Domesticity, i love you

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And i'm very thankful for Dr. King's contribution to our nation, but at this very moment, i am way more thankful to have had the day off. No offense to Dr. King, of course.

Even though the holiday season is riddled with days off from work, all of those days are usually filled with festive activity, and so today, my being home while my super hero was working, is the first real day off i've had in quite a long time.

So i pretended it was the old days. I swept the floor, and i cleaned the house, and washed dishes and made tea, and i made lunch for my darling, and i fixed dinner and baked a cake. And i truly enjoyed myself.

Sometimes i feel very angry toward the women who started the "women's lib" movement back in the day. I blame them for turning the social tide from the days when it was normal to be domestic, toward the present days when it's abnormal to not have a "paying job" or a career. This movement actually changed the economic norm of Americans to a time when most "normal" households actually require two incomes to continue in their normalcy.

I'm not really angry at those women who thought they were doing all the good, but i am a rebel to their cause. I feel the most valuable and the most meaningful and the most successful when i'm home. My dream career is domestic. I don't want a career. I want to raise chickens.

And today was a wonderful day of being domestic and raising chickens. And one day not too too too far away, it will come back. I'm sure of it.


  1. I agree completely, and stand with you!

  2. I look forward to that day as well. I'm praying it will come soon!


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