Sunday, January 15, 2012

Old School

Tonight, i am embarking on a new old way ...  or an old new way ...  of doing things.

As you know, i guess, a few months ago, my husband and i decided to enter the expansive and mobile world of smart phones.  Since both of us are away from home more than we are at home (these days), we decided to spend our budgeted internet money on internet accessibility in our pockets, which meant forfeiting internet accessibility from our massive and out-dated personal desktop computers.

It didn't take long before i figured out how to blog from my phone/tiny computer in my pocket (there's an app for that), but no matter how much i try, i just can't begin to get my thoughts down in blog format as easily by tapping it out on a touch phone keyboard, as i can on an old fashioned, tappity-tap-tap, full-sized, computer keyboard.

And thus, besides all the other reasons that i've been too busy to do some of the things i love the most, my smart phone was impeding my blogging. 


So, this evening, i've gone truly old school.  I mean way, way back.  I've signed up for free dial-up from my equally old-school desk top computer.

It took me a few minutes to find the fully dusted over plug-in for the phone line on the back of my p.c., and even longer to connect and load this page, but i think this might work.  We'll have to see how long it takes to actually upload this blog to the interwebs once i type it.

So there you go. 

Here i am blogging. 

About blogging.


Catch you on the flip side.



  1. That's fabulous! I didn't know that dial-up was still offered anywhere (just kidding.) It's good to see (read) you again :)

  2. does it still go aw-eeee-aaaaaaah?

  3. Jess, yep! It sure does!
    Cheo, thank you. It's great to be read . :)

  4. Beth, knowing you makes my life so much richer. Like a perfect cup of coffee. So glad you're back.
    I want to know about that dial-up, I'm having the same issues with internet on my phone.

  5. Robin, i think that's just about the nicest thing one person could say to another. I love you. Thank you!

    As for dial-up, i just Googled "free dial up, " and it took me to net zero, which offers free dial up for ten hours per month. That's per month, not week. My current plan is to compose my blog on word pad or whatever, and then connect just long enough to paste it on my blog and then disconnect.

    If that doesn't work out, i might have to cough up the $9.99 per month for unlimited dial up access.


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