Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Farmer Steps and Fruit Loops

After you read this post,  you might be convinced that i'm truly fruit loops.


But first, look at the beautiful flowers that my sweet love sent to me at work today.  Just because he's nice.

I really think i like this guy.  ;)

Oh yeah, now about the fruit loops.

Today, i got to do something that i've been wanting to do for approximately 3 years and 5 months.

I am so excited!

After i did it, i repeatedly yelled "YAAAYYY!"  because the happiness was too much to hold in.

I have been thinking about it and wishing for it and planning about it for so long.

I had to hold back the tears.

I might still have a good happy cry over it.

Are you ready?

I went online and purchased our first 3 pounds of


Honey Bees!!!!!!!


I am scheduled on April 28 to take a small road trip and pick up something that looks like this, from R Weaver Apiaries in Navasota.

I couldn't be more excited.  I can't wait for April 28!

O.k., i could be a little more excited.  But as far as bugs go.  I'm stoked!

And before then, i'm thinking we should probably get a hive and a bee suit or some bee gear or something.

When i think about how much i don't know, i could get a little intimidated.  But i've learned something in the last few years:  it's o.k. to learn as you go, and you'll probably mess things up some, but you'll learn, and you might even become something of an expert.  At the very least, you'll learn something.  And on the top side, you might succeed and become a bee keeper and honey producer.  You also will definitely not become a bee keeper or a honey producer, if you don't ever just go ahead and buy bees and a hive and a bee suit (or possibly a big roll of duct tape and some plastic wrap) and try your hand at it.

Additionally, bees are one of the most fascinating creatures in God's creation, and i can't wait to learn more about them and about more of the ways that God is awesome.  I really can't.  O.k., i can.  'Cause i have to.  But you know what i'm sayin'.




  1. Yayyyyyy! So excited for you! I have a friend up here who keeps bees for the same reason...for the fun of it, and so she can say she did it!! :-)

  2. Yeah... keep that roll of duct tape handy. =)

    Good luck to you! Can't wait to hear how this adventure unfolds.


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