Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Butcher the Vegetables?

I had a plan.

I planned to be telling you all about my newly built keyhole garden.

But alas.  My keyhole garden is still a figment of my plans' imagination.

And some wet phone books on the ground.

I'll have to explain more about my keyhole garden, or the version of a keyhole garden that i'm planning to build, later.

Suffice it to say that the materials needed to build a "small garden wall," i have finally learned, are the same as those needed to build a 25 foot, 3 foot tall, brick wall.  So ...  not so "small" after all.

Thankfully, i found a happy source of super duper cheap bricks.

Now, i will learn how to build a brick wall.

Yay me!

Do you remember way back in the day, two or three years ago, when i decided to learn, all by myself, how to butcher a chicken, by doing it by myself.  By myself.


Well, i may have mentioned, once or twice, since then, that i seem to have the ability to raise things that run free and multiply on their own, with great success.  But things that are supposed to be green and grow from the ground, seem to consistently fail to be green or alive, or food-worthy, in my care.

Well, recently, i stumbled into (when a friend tripped me) an interesting article about this keyhole gardening business by a lady named Deb Tolman.  I'm sure i'll post pictures later, but if you're dying to know what i'm talking about, you can google it. (I really like the part about the center compost basket in the garden.) Anyway, said article, and said friend, inspired my interest enough to see about giving gardening another shot.  But i have to do it by myself.  Maybe this 6 foot round raised garden, filled with cardboard and other unexpected garden filler, will help me learn to speak "green."

Or something like that.

I'm hoping.

This is my gardening version of butchering chickens early in the morning while no one was available to help, or lend advice.  I'm just going to dive into the guts of it, make mistakes, and see if i can come out on top.

One brick at a time.


  1. I love this post! I love that you're just going to take the bull by the horns and figure it out! Have fun!!!


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