Monday, February 6, 2012

It's really NOT for lack of trying.

You may or may not recall that the last time i wrote, i was eagerly anticipating the impending debut of Muscovy Ducks in Rogers Country.  And then there was dead blog air for some two weeks.

Sorry about that.

I tried to blog, but something went wrong with my free dial-up internet connection, and while i could connect, i couldn't make anything happen beyond that.  It seemed silly to call customer service to complain that my completely free service wasn't working fast enough, so i decided i would type an entry on my computer, transfer it to my phone, and attempt to publish that way.

I wrote a really cute and informative blog entry about all the wonderfulness of muscovy ducks, and when i was finished, edited, and ready to transport, the program failed and erased my blog entry.

I believe this is know by some in the blogosphere as and "epic fail."

Thus, i broke down, made my decision, and coughed up enough cash for the cheapest and slowest DSL connection possibly available from my local telephone co-op, and that i how i am writing to you today.

And now, i give you the long awaited ducky cuteness.

Adorable, aren't they?

More adorable ducky pictures are located here.

Don't forget, these aren't your average Aflac Ducks; these are Muscovy Ducks.  They will grow up to forage for their own food, raise their own young, and make wonderfully non-greasy, lean, yummy beefy dinners.  Or at least that is what i am led to believe.  I guess i will see what i see, and hopefully these will be a big step toward self-sustaining meat production for our home.

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