Friday, February 17, 2012

Let the River Flow!!

When we first moved into our tiny woodland house, we were fascinated by the many dry creek beds that are carved throughout our property.  It didn't take long before the first big rain came, and we saw what had carved so many tiny creeks.  Our property is very near a gully, and at a a bottom of the hill kind of point in comparison to the properties that are nearby.  So it turns out that our property becomes the pathway for all the water from multiple properties nearby, to make its way to the giant gully on the other side of us.

In an attempt to help the water benefit us and not sog up our land, my creek digging super hero grabbed his shovel and went to work.  

And then we entered a drought.  

Good timing. 

After all that work, we were starting to feel a little silly.  

And even though i know they say that we're still in a drought, the near-flood that we had here two days ago, and the ample rain in our forecast, make it very difficult for me to think of this as drought conditions.  The rain that came the day before yesterday filled and overflowed every formerly dry creek bed on its way to the wonderfully deep gully, and hubby's work finally paid off.  

The picture above is the natural creek in the woods.  Can you see the tiny water fall?  So much fun!

The picture below is one of the creeks hubby built.  It's grand fun when it really rains around here.  Suddenly, it sound like we live next to a river.  And then it all drains away, and it's normal again.  Just wanted to share.  I thought these were some really cool pictures.

And in somewhat related news, as we figure out how to channel some of this water into a pond,  here are my super-rapidly growing Muscovy Ducks.

Aren't they cute!?  Camera shy.  But cute.  I brought these babies home in a small shoebox 3 weeks ago.  The four of them didn't fill 1/3 of the box.  Now, i'd have to use one shoe box per duck.  They're huge!

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