Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House Bugs

I told you about my husband's experience with the giant moth a couple weeks ago.

Well, the other day, another giant moth somehow made it into our house and set up residence on our kitchen wall.  He/she has been there for a couple of days now.  I wonder how long he'll just sit there?

Anyway, he's beautiful.  And he holds still for me to take pictures.  So i took lots of them.

He's also about the same color green that i've been thinking about painting my walls.

Isn't he gorgeous?  Look at that furry back!  

 And these crazy feather antenna things!

 I've decided he can stay as long he doesn't start eating my clothes or having babies in my coffee cups.

I also have several mosquito hawks in the bathroom, keeping an eye on the mosquito population.

But they don't hold still for pictures as well, and they're not as pretty.


  1. Looks like a luna moth, I think that's how it's spelled. They are beautiful and you do not need to worry about them eating you clothes. :)
    They usually only come out at night.

    Love you

  2. Yep, Luna or lunar? We found the caterpillar under our pecan tree (they really like pecan, we see them every year). It cocooned and came out that beautiful green moth. Remember the Lunesta commercials? Same moth.


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