Monday, March 5, 2012

Moth Whisperer

I am often awed when i see the way things in nature seem drawn to my husband.

The other night, my hubby and i were standing outside in the beautiful evening air, chatting about whatever, when i heard a strange disturbance in the bushes.  When i investigated, i discovered a GIANT grey moth fluttering like crazy along the ground. Every time i tried to get near it to take a picture, it would flutter even more, and try to get away.  So i backed off, and the moth made a bee-line  moth-line along the ground for hubby's foot.  It crawled onto his shoe and proceeded up his pant leg, up his shirt, all the way up his neck, and then settled in behind his ear, where it finally got still enough for me to take a decent picture....or five.

And then, it pooped.  And hubby helped it go some place else.


What do you think about that?