Monday, March 19, 2012

Shaping Up

This weekend, i made a major step in my goal to build a keyhole garden.  I made an outline, sort of the shape of a keyhole.

Sort of.

The next step is to line all the sides with cardboard.  Cardboard that has been sitting on my porch and that my husband is very happy is no longer sitting on my porch.  The thing is, lining a vertical area with cardboard is a LITTLE harder than it sounded at first.  I had to get really thoughtful and creative about making flimsy thick paper go vertical against a flimsy wire support, but i managed it sort of.

Sort of.

Also, the neat little picture/diagram that i am using as my guide is definitely not happening here.  It's quite a bit more chaotic in my version, but i have a feeling that the worms and the vegetables will like it just the same.  At least that's what i'm hoping for.

At the end of the weekend, my beginning garden consists of cardboard, phone books, a pile of weeds that i pulled up from our expertly manicured yard, shredded paper i got from work, pruned limbs from oak and sweet gum trees, dried fallen limbs from the yard, and a couple of old t-shirts.  That's right.  You want recycle.  I got your recycle right here.

Sadly, after all that, my garden is less than half full, and i have a lot of more gathering of compostable materials before i plant anything fruitful.

One step at a time.      

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