Monday, April 23, 2012

File Cabinets and How to Be a Great Husband

If you read my blog, like AT ALL, you may or may not know that beekeeping has been a long-time aspiration of mine and my super duper beekeeping hero.  Some months ago, when i was telling my friend at work about our plans, she offered to me, with all sincerity and kindness, some old file cabinets she has in her garage, so i could keep my bees in them.  This friend is very knowledgeable about most things and a very smart lady, and i thought she was making a joke.  She wasn't.  And i had to explain, while trying very hard and failing not to laugh, that bees aren't really kept in old file cabinets, no matter what those white boxes in the field look like.  I don't think she believed me at first.  She told me later that her hubby laughed too.  Now it's our joke.  Gotta get my file cabinets before i bring home the bees.  :)

Announcement:  This weekend, we got our file cabinets!!!  A very kind friend gave us the bulk of our first hive after church yesterday, and today, i bought most of the rest of our initial beekeeping needs, and we are very very excited wannabeekeepers!

file cabinets

 super duper beekeeping hero

bee keeping hat
Now, with my hubby working 68 hours a week for an awfully long time, and just with things in general, life has been very speedy lately.  And yesterday, even though i needed to do our laundry, my hubby and i made the decision to forfeit clean laundry for a few hours of time spent alone together at home.  This meant that i would have to do the laundry this evening, after work.  

As our conversation continued, it was decided that i would stop by a store in town that sells beekeeping supplies, also after work.  So i did.  I bought beekeeping garb, picked up junk food dinner, and came home to an empty house.  I waited a few minutes and called my hubby.  He arrived just that moment, asked me to open the door for him, and carried in two laundry baskets full of clean, folded laundry.

Beth wept.

Gentlemen, let this be a lesson:  Little speaks more profoundly to a woman's heart than the kindness of help with household chores.  And that really is the truth.  So truthful, that i wept, right then and there, broke down in tears.  Clean laundry makes me cry.  Of course, i have my daddy's genes, so i'm an easy mark, but still.  Husbands who do laundry are a seriously amazing find.  Praise God for my wonderful hubby!

true love


  1. At long last, his true super powers are revealed....

  2. Major points for James. You, my friend, are a very loved little lady!

  3. I am hugging him as soon as I see him. This is so romantic! He is right up there with DARCY

  4. Glad I started my morning off with that one. Very sweet. :)


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