Friday, April 20, 2012

The First Word

About a year ago, i shared with you about my rose colored glasses.  Not the metaphorical kind, the literal kind.  When i started spending my days in a fluorescent-lighted office, i found that i needed something to filter out those rays and prevent me from getting daily headaches.  I was sensitive to the fluorescent lights, and learned that rose would filter out the rays that caused the stress to my eyes and head.  It's amazing what that small amount of color on my lenses can do, and the relief it can bring, and the major difference it can make in my day.

One evening recently, i heard a small part of an interview of Sheila Walsh, on the radio.

If that name sounds familiar, but you can't place it, Sheila Walsh was a host on The 700 Club for several years, i think in the 90s.  At some point, she suddenly wasn't the host on The 700 Club anymore.  And i learned while listening to this radio program, that whatever happened had landed her in a psychiatric hospital.  I still don't know what happened, except that she was in a very desperate place, and she has a testimony of how the Lord walked her through that experience, to healing.

All that to say, she said something that spoke to me and has stayed on my mind and heart since then.

She talked about how she always loved tv and radio and how those things can speak into your life when you don't know it.  Then she said that she still loves tv and radio, but she's very careful about Who has the first word in her day.

Meaning to say that she's sure to take in the Word of God before she allows any words from outside of that.

Here's why:  because when God has the first word in your day, then the things you hear later in the day, are filtered by the first word.  You're able to see the circumstances of life and the condition of the world, through God's eyes, God's perspective.  And hopefully, with peace instead of worry.

Likewise, when the world (the news, the gas prices, etc.) has the first word in your day, then whenever you get around to letting God's Word in, it is likely to be filtered by the word the world had earlier.  Seeing the world through the the wrong lenses, makes a big difference in your day.

After i got my rose-colored glasses, i was shocked at the difference they made.  Things don't necessarily look rosy, from my point-of-view.  But the glasses filter out the "bad" rays and allow me to see clearly, and without squinting to keep out the fake light.  Similarly, "fake light," if you will, in the form of the world's information, can keep us squinting and not seeing clearly.  The news claims to seek to keep us informed, but when seen through the wrong glasses, it just keeps us depressed, squinting to try to see some truth through all the mess.

What has the first word in your day?

What kind of glasses are you viewing life through?

I've started asking myself this almost every day.  And if i come up with the wrong answer, i find it's a very easy fix with surprising results.


  1. Excellent point... had never really thought of it that way before.

  2. Great point. I started a quest to read my bible in a year, and everyday I read it. I don't have the same amount of time for tv shows that I used to watch, but I am better for it. Sometimes we have to quiet the world so we can hear God.


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