Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Business is Born

There's a been a lot of buzzing around here the last few days.  We've embarked on a new something.  Involving a lot of junk food.  Haha!  

A few weeks ago, my husband realized that he could fill a need and maybe make some bank.  His workplace needs a dependable snack machine.  Yes, that's a need.  Anyway, he started doing some talking to the appropriate powers that be and decided to go for it.

There's been a lot of vending machine research and pricing and snack pricing and all sort of things you don't normally do too much thinking about.  You wouldn't believe how many details there are to the different kinds of vending machines.  People put a lot of thought into this stuff.

Anyway, this week my husband received a very timely bonus that he planned to use to buy the chosen vending machine.  And even though Uncle Sam took an unkind chunk of it, we were able to get the machine and spend most of the rest of our duckets on the food to fill it. 

So we didn't spend any money on groceries this week, but we have a living room full of food we can't eat, so that'll work.  :)  Haha!   A great deal of time this weekend has been spent arranging and pricing food.  You wouldn't believe the number of decisions that go into setting up one of these things.  I'm pooped!

snack vending super hero

Until this afternoon, our vending machine was housed on our front porch.  This sort of thing delights our neighbors, but we were able to get it moved to its rightful place this afternoon.  It's ready to be stocked early tomorrow morning, and then we start making 25-40 cents per sale.  That's a small profit margin, so i'm glad we don't have to pay labor.  ha.  I'm excited for my husband who will be eager to see how much his machine is used tomorrow at break.

So that's it.  We started a business.  So far, we're taking a loss, but this is only our second day, and we haven't encountered any customers yet.

Our Sam's Card reads, "Rogers Country Vending."  Our first printed business thingy.  Small beginnings are exciting!


  1. That's very exciting! See a need, fill a need. I hope he sells tons of snackies. Is there a soda machine there? That would be next.

  2. Thanks, Robin! Yes, there is a soda machine there, but it's not well-stocked, and it doesn't always have the stuff the guys like to drink, so he has been given permission to compete with the other drink that is next for us. But we will have to make a little money on this machine first.

  3. The machine made over $10.00 today with a skeleton crew. Things are looking good. I can hardly wait until we get 50 more guys.


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